My Reflection

8 Dec

This project has been such a great experience! I would never have guessed I would be creating a blog of my choice for this class 15 weeks ago. Coming into the class I had no experience with blogging, but now, 15 week later, I can say I have learned so much. At first maintaining the blog was not easy. Finding a starting point to begin my post was tricky in the beginning. However, as time progressed writing became more natural. Simply because I enjoyed what I was doing and writing about for my blog. What I enjoyed most about my blog was the fact I could not just research from my computer and then start writing. However, since this is a blog I knew that my audience would be big. Considering this, I would always go into a restaurant with a non biased approach. Also, since my audience was anyone who clicked on my WordPress, I would try to entice people in with pictures.

Once I got to the restaurant, I would have to make certain notes and critiques about its performance. I would say this was the hardest part because finding time was not always easy considering my life as a college student. Either homework or money played a big role on where I was going to eat. As time progressed, this part became  much easier and in fact, became my favorite part of the week. Their are not a lot of college students that have to go out and eat delicious food for homework! I also really enjoyed the time with my friends when we would all go out to eat. It made my job of taking notes a lot more fun and less stressful. In fact, this blog actually made me closer friends with the people on my floor, and them always asking me when the next “Restaurant Blog was” never got old. Overall, this blogging aspect to the class was great. I know I probably will not continue this blog, but I am almost certain I will be making a new personal blog talking about my bike racing. With all the knowledge I have gained through this blog, I am certain I will be able to apply it to my new one and have a blog many people will love following.


Social Media and Restaurants

1 Dec


Social Media can make or break a restaurant. In this todays world the internet is such a prominent source to gather information. When people are questioning where to eat dinner, they will probably check the reviews online and see what others have said about it. 

However, online review sites, such as Yelp, Angie’s Lists and Trip Advisor, can make or break a restaurant. But some scammers have tried to blackmail owners, threatening bad reviews.  Others have questioned how sites appear to encourage payment for the placement of positive reviews, while studies have shown that some reviews are fake or have been posted by owners. Between the fake reviews and restaurant owners writing about their own restaurant, it can be hard for the consumer to get a truthful opinion. One restaurant owner I researched said this is considered to be “Anti Social Media”. Yet, real or fake, reviews effect the restaurants business. 

Reviews are not the only way a restaurant gets attention through social media. Facebook and Twitter are great to let people know of deals, or changes to the restaurant. I know Facebook has greatly influenced where I sometimes eat, because on occasion the restaurant will put up coupons on their Facebook page. This tactic is a great way to attract new attention to the Facebook page and will most likely expand its popularity.

Aside from Facebook and Twitter, Groupon, has been at the forefront for getting attention. Some companies have utilized this website and they benefit greatly because its gets their name out to Groupons huge email list. This type of social medial lets smaller restaurants compete with larger restaurants. 
With all the different types of social media restaurants use, it can be hard for the consumer to know which is most credible. After doing some research, I have found that Facebook and Twitter will be extremely biased, and even though review sites like Yelp may not always be 100% factual or real, reading reviews are the consumers best bet. 


New Restaurant in Town- Albertaco’s Mexican Food

17 Nov

Albertaco’s Mexican Restaurant is brand new to Orange. Albertaco’s Mexican Food serves affordable Mexican fast food. The restaurant offers indoor seating, as well as outdoor seating. Menu items include tacos, burritos, tortas and rice and bean plates. It’s known for its carne asada fries and tacos.Whats unique about this place is it is open 24/7, and it is within walking distance from Chapman. The authentic food here is served in large portions and for almost half the price comparing to other Mexican food restaurants nearby. 



Another niche Albertaco’s has is you can customize just about everything on the menu. Another nice characteristic about them is you can easily spend about $5 and be full. The first time I went in I ordered the Chicken Quesadilla. It cost only $4.25, but it was huge! Like some similar restaurants, Albertaco’s focuses on quantity of food, but what separates them from the rest is its quality. Also, their menu is huge! Their have such a variety and even make french fries. In my opinion, any Mexican restaurant that serves french fries will be great! Within opening last week and half, I have already been there three times!. It will definitely be a regular place for me. 



To sum up Albertacos’s, if you want some very delicious Mexican food for a bargain, go to Albertaco’s. Also, they make some pretty good horchata! Honestly, their is nothing negative about this place. Its located right on the corner of Collins and Glassell. 



(^^This is their famous carne asada fries ^^)

Burger War: 5 Guys vs In-N-Out

3 Nov

In and Out Vs 5 Guys… Which is better?


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26 Oct


If you want authentic and somewhat inexpensive mexican food then head over to Jalapeños Mexican Restaurant. Whats nice about Jalapeños is how they cater to such a broad crowd because they can make you just about anything even if it is not on the menu. Its also cool to see the food being cooked right in front of you after you order.

They have such as big menu that it will accommodate almost anyone. You can Indulge in generous portions of daily-cooked California-style fresh Mexican food, from sizzling fajitas, enchiladas, fish, shrimp, Carne Asada or Caritas tacos, along with other Mexican dishes like huge burritos, great salads, and Mexican traditional breakfast. Another nice perk to the restaurant is they offer catering. So next time you are having a party and don’t know what kind of food to have, call Jalapeños! Continue reading


6 Oct


Ok so before I even attended my first day of class at Chapman I kept getting asked the question “have you gone to Bruxie?”. I always heard comments like “you have to try it a least once”, or “I wish they took Panther Bucks”, but seriously, what was so special about the restaurant. In my honest opinion, I feel that the reason Bruxie is so popular is not really because their food is so good, but instead it is their concept behind their dishes. For example, the Orange Circle has a lot of different options to get a standard burger or chicken sandwich. However, what sets Bruxie apart is the creativity behind their dishes. I mean like who would have thought a waffle could compliment so many types of food. Because of that, they are not like the average restaurant. People want to go there simply to try something new that they would have never thought would taste so delicious. To put this in different terms, lets say someone wants to buy a new car. They go to two dealers and find the same car for the same price; however, the only difference is one car has a cooler paint job. Most people will pick the car that looks cooler and this goes the same for people choosing Bruxie over something else. Bruxie simply has the wow factor. That is why you can’t solely judge a restaurant based on how good their food is, because in reality, that is only one attribute. Sometimes it is better to take a different perspective when reviewing restaurants because it can allow for you to understand the restaurant better. Although some may argue that Bruxie might not be the best tasting restaurant in Orange, but the truth is the real crowd appeal is there uniqueness. 


Avila’s El Ranchito

29 Sep

This restaurant is now officially my favorite Mexican restaurant in Orange!  Avila’s El Ranchito is a family owned Mexican restaurant started over 40 years ago when Salvador Avila came to the United States from Guanajuato, Mexico with his wife and children. Like many immigrants, Avila came with hope and the American dream in his heart. Four decades later, Mr. Avila and his children own and operate one of the most well known and highly successful groups of Mexican restaurants in California. There are now 11 El Ranchito restaurants in Orange and Los Angeles Counties.



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Hello Soda Hello Grinder

22 Sep


Wow, if you like soda then “The Grinder” is the place for you. As soon as I walked in I was just bombarded with over 50 types of soda. It seemed like I was eating at a soda museum than a restaurant, which don’t get me wrong is not a bad thing. It is a nice change from the average sandwich bar. However in all fairness, the prices were a little ridiculous for a small bottle of soda. Yes it might be one of a kind soda imported from out of state, but still, $4 for a soda is a little pricey. So I guess you have to put a price on having 50 different types of options for soda. But aside from the soda dilemma, lets talk food.

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Hello world!

18 Sep

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Happy blogging!